The libZI Project
Early Alpha < 0.0.2 >
Matt Proud < khanreaper @ >

Welcome to the libZI homepage!

libZI is a platform independent configuration file API.
It provides developers a type-safe way of storing and retrieving data.
The programming interface is easy to implement and effectively use.
The power of libZI resides in its method of data storage — it uses XML!

libZI's programming interface asserts compatibility with C and C++.
And, due to libZI's use of libXML, libZI supports great portability.
(i.e., Windows, Mac OS (X), Linux, and Unix.)
libZI is released under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

This project does not have currently have a definitive website.
For now, it shall instruct its viewers to the following link: libZI source tree.
One should consider looking at the API or an example program: Sample.cpp & Sample.h.
For further project information about libZI, one should consult the libZI project summary site. Logo